Few years ago a picture of mine was stolen and eventually became a MEME. Actually one of the most famous Meme in the world. I never got a penny for it, even if my image has been used millions of times. I decided not to sue the people who did this, but to make some art out of it. That’s why, with a couple of friends we decided to create a web series about my story.

Stock image of me crying, used as a meme without my consense.

MEME ME , is a dark comedy that dives into the creation of memes and how they can affect the lives of people once they go viral. The webseries is starring Silvia Bottini herself (The First World Problems face we all know). Our webseries will explore the idea of internet fame; how it can help and how it can hurt.

Teaser of the First World Problems Webseries.

We are currently looking for a producer. We are open to product placement. Feel free to contact if interested.


Live Show Opening April 4th at the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles IAMLA

Pinocchio is one of the most famous Italian tale. Many many times, many many kids have heard of it, read it and watched it. In this live show that I created, the young audience will experience what becoming a real boy is like and what kind of magic it takes. We will all become puppeteers and puppets, while singing, dancing and celebrating life… alla maniera Italiana!

Check out IAMLA museum for infos:


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Puntata 4 – Episode 4 ITA
Puntata 3 – Episode 3 ITA
Puntata 2 – Episode 2 ITA

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